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Creative Bookshelf

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The Creative Bookshelf is an open-source online library of fun and creative DIY activities and projects! We think that during this challenging times (but also in the bright future!) it is important to enjoy your time and keep things positive. So whether you are a parent working from home, a social worker or volunteer, a teacher or just a person seeking something new and creative to do on your own or with others – come and take something off this shelf!


In the list below, you will find a selection of creative and crafty activities for different age groups. You can download the activities as a PDF and print them out. Have fun!

Follow the provided patterns to create a beautiful mandala. (age 7+)

Do you want to build your own Origami Zoo! Here is a how to make an Origami Penguin. (5+)

Make funky three-dimensional animals from paper. (8+)

Let’s roll y’all! There is plenty of use for a simple game dice - why not make it your own design? (5+)

Cut out the stencils and create interesting patterns and smiley faces! (5+)

Create and colour your own little paper fortress. (5+)

Make this little owl nice and colourful! (3+)

More activities coming soon...

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