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What is Spray Peace all about?

Spray Peace is a non-profit organisation (a.s.b.l.) founded in 2015 with the aim of promoting values of peace and equality through art. We are actively working towards dialogue, multiculturalism and tolerance. It is with art in all its disciplines that Spray Peace fights against stereotypes, racism and discriminations of all sorts. It is in a spirit of unity, sharing and hope that we pursue our projects aiming for mutual understanding and a better future.


Spray Peace is based in Luxembourg but works across Europe. It is independent of any institution and is entirely led by volunteers. The aim is to run projects for young people by young people. Our activities focus on intercultural exchange as well as international and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Our regular activities include graffiti workshops, public jam sessions and youth camps. However, we constantly try to innovate and regularly start new collaborations with other organisations working towards the same goals.


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Flore Friden
Ewa Szwabowicz
Alixe Dochen

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